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DHOKRA DANCING COUPLE (4.75x4.75 in Inches)

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Category: Arts and Crafts - Dhokra Art

Traditionally the Gadwa, Gond and Dhruva tribes of Kondgaon in Bastar region of Chattisgarh practice the Dhokra art with lost wax tecnique. The first task in the lost wax technique is developing the clay core . Next , the clay core is covered with a layer of wax, resin from the tree Damara and nut oil. The wax is then shaped . It is then covered with clay, which takes the negative form of the wax inside, thus becoming a mould for the metal that will be poured. The metal used is often an alloy of brass scrap, copper and tin as basic material. Inspiration for the casting of art comes from the abudant environment , be it the village ghotul, birds and animals, mythology of rituals.

Product Specification :
Material: Brass. Frame Black without glass. Weight: 250 gms. Book type foldable panel